Remix culture is a society that allows and encourages derivative works by combining or editing existing materials to produce a new product. – Wikipedia

My throughs about remix culture, copyright and creativity.

Copyright, from my point of view and not knowing every much about it, is for the most part good. It is a law intended to be an “incentive for people to invest their time, talent and other resources in creating new material – particularly cultural and educational material, which benefits society“. It has tried to keep up to date but I just do not get the feeling that it has a full grasp of things. I feel like we are changing faster than they can update the laws. If we want it, we will have it. Someone can upload it to the internet for all to consume and add apon.

Remix culture relies completely on sharing our ideas but nobody likes to share. I do not like sharing things that I have worked hard for, I can not let people take the easy road if I had to run the hard yards. But as a media student I have seen other directors and writers take other people’s ideas and concepts, change them, add to them and make it their own. Quinten Tarentino has been “influenced” by a lot of other people. He does not shy away from this, he is definitely not the only one who does it.

The music industry is considered evil because of its use of copyright laws. Fining large amounts of money to everyone and anyone who takes from them and/or changes what they consider theirs. What worries me is the thought of music artists not being able to borrow or be influenced. Not being able to do anything new without the fear of their life being destroyed by corporations. How will we get the new great artists?

J. R. R. Tolkien also had a large amount of influences all throughout his very famous book series. Yet he has influenced many people himself. From other authors, to film makers, and painters. Everyone is constantly influencing everyone else, it seem so strange to put such harsh laws around such fluid ideas and concepts.

There are so many legal wars and I am afraid that the giant corporations might win. They have changed the laws through large bags of money, it would not surprise me if it happened again. I am imagining every media locked down and the only way to create something new is to pay someone. Our culture will fade then die. We need to be able to work upon ideas from the past and not allow things to become stagnant. We should not allow the past to control our future.


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