Final Blog Post

  1. In my blog post about sampling I touch on what sampling is and talk about it in a music context. I let you know where you can find examples of sampling in everyday music, as it is more common than you think.
  2. This blog post is about how I remix and what program I find to be the best for me. As well as write about my process of my final project for remix.
  3. I decided that copyright and Negativland would be interesting to write about as we talked a bit about this band in class. I write about their views and what they have done to push copyright in the right direction.
  4. This post was probably my favorite to write, it is bout a group of female artists called Guerrilla Girls. I write about how the use brandalism to get and hold peoples attention to educate them about the art industry.
  5. I then finished with Creative Commons and what an amazing community it is. I also write about how Creative Commons is trying to make itself better and more available to everyone.
Final Blog Post

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