Final Project

Defending Statement

This two minute film has stock footage that I downloaded from YouTube, it is white smoke drifting down from above the camera. Very generic, unidentifiable and free.

The other clip added into my film from YouTube is the silhouette of the dancing woman, I have been changed this clip. I have transformed it to the point where you could only recognise it if you held up the original clip next to it.

The background footage is my own, that I shot with my own camera.

The music I have put over the top of this film and edited the visuals to is completely copyright free.


I filmed some footage of fireworks with my D90 Nikon and created a kaleidoscope effect in Adobe Premiere Pro. I then layered a white silhouette of a woman dancing over the top on the mostly black background, that i found on YouTube. I found my music track on I then layered white smoke on top of everything.


I wanted my film to be mostly symmetrical, just because I find it very pleasing to the eye. It gives me a sense of gratification. I also wanted to keep the music very simple so that the audience would stay focused of the dancer and the fireworks.


Final Project

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