Sampling is the use of a portion of a sound recording by another artist to create a remix.

If you want to sample someone’s song, you need permission from both the owner of the sound recording copyright (usually a record company or artist) and the musical work copyright (usually a music publisher or songwriter).

There is a site that specifically tells you what has been sampled and by who, called WhoSampled. This site is open to everyone to submit information about a sample, cover song or remix, and subject to approval it will be added to the database, published across our platforms, to be discovered and discussed by the world.

But of course sampling is not just music, it is in all media. Nothing is a original idea. Everybody borrows, takes inspiration, remixes work from everybody. Some people have vilified sampling and remix in general. Calling artists lazy for not creating there own content, but it is not easy to create an amazing and well received work.

Pogo (Nick Bertke) is a remix artist based in Perth, Western Australia. His remixed music has over 110 million plays on YouTube. The more popular videos being in partnership with Dysney, and they helped make Pogo an international sort affter artist. He has also performed live at the Guggenheim Museum, The Highline Ballroom and in most major cities across North America.

“I can’t really tell you how to make music, I can’t really tell you how to piece sounds together in a musical way. It’s really just something you have to feel out and I do emphasise the word ‘feel’. I don’t think you should ‘think’ music into existence.”

Pogo has perfected his remixing technique and is now a successful remix artist. He has a few tutorials that breakdown his remix videos step by step. Through the sounds and sections that comprise his tracks in the program Adobe Audition and FLStudio.


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